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Aquarium Myths and Secrets Revealed

Feb 27, 2017

Today we have reached 1000 downloads! We are very happy about this and we have made a new special episode to celebrate it. On this episode, The Masked Aquarist talk about his 2 years journey, where he starts his research and experiments on Freshwater, Planted Tanks, water changes, denitrification and more!

Thank you for...

Feb 24, 2017

Do I really need an RO/DI Unit?
What are these units? What do they do? What are all the stages?
Today the Masked Aquarist will answer all these questions and talk about all you need to know about RO/DI Units! 

Feb 17, 2017

We all have been told the "One fish per gallon" or "One inch of fish per gallon" rule, but today we are going to talk about how to really know how many fish can we have in our tank and some other secrets about fish stocking.

Feb 13, 2017

Nowadays we have plenty of information available on the internet about the aquarium hobby. There is so many that it's even hard to decide where to start. On today's episode, we give some tips on how to find reliable advice.

Feb 10, 2017

On today's episode we mention the 4 killers of salt water fish and we focus in the worst 3 diseases in salt water tanks.